San Souci Resort & Spa
San Souci Resort & Spa
San Souci Resort & Spa

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Tropical elegance awaits you at the luxurious Sans Souci Resort & Spa. The Sans Souci emerges majestically from the cliffs of Jamaica's emerald mountains, with stone pathways tumbling past tropical greenery to a breathtaking experience of opal sand and the azure Caribbean Sea. An amalgam of pastels, exotic birds, winding walkways, and natural mineral springs bubbling in hidden grottos complement this truly elegant resort. Unparalleled spa treatments, renowned cuisine, first-class service and rich ambience make this resort the ultimate place for a relaxing or romantic getaway.

At Sans Souci, French for "without cares", the pulse slows at once and the focus becomes remarkably relaxed and all about you. It is a perfect refuge from the pressure of everyday life.

This intimate, 146-suite, European-style, stunningly beautiful hideaway is tucked into a luxurious hillside garden setting where exceptional accommodations flourish in a romantic atmosphere of friendly Jamaican hospitality.

Pastel pink walls rising out of seaside cliffs, a pair of sun-filled beaches, more than 30 acres of landscape and natural grounds, tropical birds, winding walkways and a rejuvenating, natural mineral spring make up this marvelous upscale resort that has become known as the Jewel of Jamaica.

Sans Souci has been enjoyed for more than 50 years by sophisticated travelers, movie stars and other celebrities from around the world. All are drawn to its elegant beauty and natural charm. The classic James Bond movie, "Dr. No" was filmed partly on location here, while scenes from several other movies were filmed in the surrounding area.

As an all-inclusive resort, everything is included in your package: all meals, snacks, 24 hour in-suite dining premium brand cocktails and beverages, a select number of spa services, unlimited use of sports facilities, including golf, water sports, recreational activities, hotel taxes and airport transfers. Naturally, no tipping is allowed.

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